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A nation hungry for change.


Our mission: to raise awareness and funds towards local hunger

and support food charities on the front lines.

Picture a mother desperately drawing on all her resources to ensure that her kids don’t go hungry. Where is this? A war-torn village?  A migrant caravan? Some faraway famine-stricken land?

The surprising truth is that hunger is a daily reality for so many Canadians. In fact, a recent Unicef report stated that more than 22% of our nation’s children live in poverty with compromised access to nutritious food. How is this happening in 2019? In a so-called affluent country?

We were surprised too and decided to get creative in how we can help. FOOD FOR ALL is a not-for-profit publishing company that creates collaborative cookbooks with local chefs to share their stories of hardship, how they overcame obstacles and why they chose to nourish people for a living. Along with their stories they share cherished family recipes that anyone can easily recreate. All Canadians deserve nutrition as a basic human right. We’re here to shine a light on this anomaly and help eradicate hunger from all corners of Canada, starting locally with British Columbians.

FOOD FOR ALL means food for every Canadian. We’re all about celebrating diversity and thriving in a loving, unbiased world.