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Quinn, Jenn, Sherwin & Jonathan

Quinn, Jenn, Sherwin & Jonathan

People are starting to ask where it all began. The inspiration behind Food For All and our short journey so far is a story in itself.

In November 2017, Jenn Coe & Sherwin Ngan (Food For All co-founders) got together through a chance meeting and realised they not only shared a passion for helping others, but they had something else in common—they each had a son the same age. The boys teamed up to help two teenage girls who were going through a really tough time. And after just 6 days of reaching out to friends, family, schools and local businesses, they received more than 80 donations and raised more than $22k!

Their amazing efforts were recognized by the Prime Minister and the boys ended up being the youngest recipients in the country to receive the Canada 150 pin, an honour awarded to "exemplary citizens" for giving back. More importantly, the girls received the funds they needed and put them to good use as new beginnings and optimism took shape for the family.

Jenn and Sherwin bonded over the experience and started discussing ways to keep this momentum going in their kids and various ways to continue giving back to the community. After learning about the state of hunger here in Canada, they were saddened by the statistics and wanted to help. They landed on the idea of doing a cookbook with multiple chefs to support food charities here in Vancouver. And so, Food For All Publishing was born with a mandate to raise awareness about those facing food insecurity and donate 100% post tax profit through cookbook sales to help fight hunger.